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If you are using whatsapp then I am sure that you must be having any social media messaging app on your phone. It could be whatsapp most probably and even telegram or may me something else. Whatsapp is way more popular and Telegram is growing as well. Do you think that telegram will beat whastapp in future in terms of active users ?
Many legacy media outlets are in a state of contraction and the social media giants are under threat of regulation or breakup. Some are facing mounting lawsuits due questionable business practices. A number of pundits have begun to speculate that in the very near future these companies will be forced from their positions of influence. Should this come to pass, how can Hive and consequently Dapps, prepare for opportunities that will open up as the incumbents begin to exit media landscape?
Ĉi tiu demando estas por testi Quello en aliaj komunumoj por scii ĉu ĝi funkcias por havi nian propran Quora-alternativon, kaj por montri valoron de HIVE supera al kion ni iam havis en Steemit.
I think many people really want to get rid of Facebook over time. HIVE has some but probably not all elements at this point to make that possible. What do you use nowadays instead of Facebook and is it adequate?

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