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This panning shot shows day turn into night as the sun fades and the bright lights of Vegas come to life. This time lapse clip was shot from the Bellagio looking out over the Bellagio fountains towards the strip. Please watch the Time Lapse video about Las Vegas: https://3speak.online/watch?v=wonderful.world1/jhnkuswj If you also like traveling and beautiful nature, please follow me
Japan is called the land of the rising sun Have you seen the sunrise in Japan? If not then please watch this video, I hope you enjoy it Time Lapse video - Tokyo Japan Sunrise: https://3speak.online/watch?v=wonderful.world1/rnbtklir
For me, probably around 28 years old. You're young, healthy and much wiser than when you were in your early 20s. You have ambition to create something in the world but aren't totally naive like a teenager.
Most of us watch movies for fun or killing the time or entertainment or as a hobby etc etc etc, but some movies have some lessons in them, touch some part of our lives, motivates us. What are those movies for you?
Let's hear it, I'm sure you have thought about it...

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