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Our teachers in Canada never mentioned any good aspects of the Soviet Union. Although I am not a communist/socialist, it is interesting that our schools never taught us the positives of the Soviet Union. Basically we mostly learned about WW2, Cold War, gulags and Joseph Stalin killing millions of people. We didn't learn about the everyday life of many Russians and how a lot of them lived normal lives. It was made out to be the awful dystopian place. Do you think this was due to ignorance of the teachers and school system or were they purposely omitting positive aspects of the Soviet Union? How about you?
What is the scietific reason and physical logic?
It has been said that learning should be a lifelong pursuit. With this in mind, what resources should independent learners take into consideration?
In the current COVID situation virtual learning or online learning is gaining more popularity. School kids and college students have started using online as their medium of education where their teachers do a video class room session or post videos on Youtube for them to watch and learn. This is gaining more popularity everywhere. I know this is common already in many countries. But do you think the future would become this way and people will get more inclined towards online learning instead of physical learning medium? Share your thoughts on this.
When you make content consistently, sometimes you might run out of ideas to make content. Then what do you usually do to come up with new ideas to make content?

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