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You might have seen the green wick (or 2) that popped up on the leodex for the price of leo. We have had short burts of leo that was worth more than one hive. But I'm not talking wicks here but candles.

Do you think that Leo will trade for more than one Hive by the end of the month and that the price with stay there for a fair amount of time?

I want to see buy orders and green candles that are over the 1 mark for this to count.


forexbrokr8 days ago

You're right that LEO has already passed the price of HIVE this month, wicking through the 1.0 parity level on LEO/HIVE.

This makes LEO the first layer 2 token to overtake its parent.

For context, take a look at the LEO/HIVE chart on LeoDex below.

LEO/HIVE Daily Chart

While it was only just a spike, I do think the price of LEO does have a massive chance to pass HIVE and stay there.

I believe this to be the case because with the introduction of wLEO, LEO has now planted roots outside the Hive blockchain.

While Hive will always be home for LEO, there's no denying the sheer volume of money floating around the ETH ecosystem.

Money that's now available to potentially flow directly into LEO, without the need to first buy HIVE.

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