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Or is it planned that Quello.io also publishes on the Steemblockchain?




bala41288about 2 months ago

In the past there used to be something called Musing. The project didn't last longer.

But I guess the website is still up and running and there are also people contributing to the website. Ya but like tobias said, I also don't agree with the actions made by the former witnesses and Jusin Sun. I'm not sure how many people would support even if there was some project.

tobias-gabout 2 months ago

At the moment, there aren't any plans for Steem. I don't agree with some of the actions made by Justin Sun and some of the witnesses and it's because of that I don't feel that building Quello around Steem would make sense. In the future, if collaboration with other blockchains makes sense this may be something we seek the opinion of the community on, however, at the current time I don't feel Steem would be a good move for Quello.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the situation and what's taken place over the past couple of months on Steem.

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