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Hello Quello! (sounds nice :D)

My very first Question:

Why are a lot of people recommend AMD over Intel suddenly?

I am not up to date about the processor business but a lot of my friends suddenly say: "Buy AMD it's much better now than Intel!"

When I ask them: "Why are they better know?"

They tell me: "They have more power."

Well that's not a satisfying answer to me.

Could someone of you briefly summarize for a noobie what's the game changer now?

Thank you! Yours Toffy <3


neoado27 days ago

AMD is for intel the definition of competence, Because today they offer processors that give you the same or even better benefits than Intel's for a much lower price, therefore you have a better PC for less money.

alinalazareva27 days ago

At a minimum - the price-performance ratio. For the same money you will get a more powerful AMD processor

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