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There are loads of great apps, regular development, and valuable content by created on Hive each day, however, what do you think is missing to for Hive to become a staple in the lives of the masses?


vxn66617 days ago

Developers, developers, developers ....

<iframe style="margin: 15px 0" width="100%" height="400" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Vhh_GeBPOhs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br/>

What we need is developers putting out great open source proposals to the Hive Proposal System. We need real competition over the funds from people putting out apps with such high value propositions that the major stakeholders will be falling over each other to support them.

nateaguila20 days ago

Although HIVE's blockchain code leans toward social-based use cases, at the end of the day it's still a decentralized database. As such, it really isn't supposed to be the "main event".

It's a database.

Nobody recommends an app to friends and family based upon what database the development team used. That's silly.

Just like people in the past confused Steem and Steemit, I'm sure people in the future will confuse Hive and Hive Blog. One's a database, and the other is an application.

If we want more people using the Hive database, then we must first understand that general users do not "use" the Hive database. They "use" apps built on Hive. The more apps that are built on Hive, the more frequently the database will be utilized--which will in turn create greater demand for the Hive currency.

So the important question to ask yourself is: What's more important to Hive's long-term success? Increasing the number of bloggers? Or increasing the number of dapp projects? When you say we have "loads" of great apps, I think we have different definitions for the term "loads". Yes, we have some solid apps with lots of potential. But if I can count them on my hands, that's not "loads".

We need more.

To support existing developers and attract new developers, the focus should be on developer resources, developer support channels, continued focus on improving the Hive Development Fund (to make it easily accessible, easy to understand, easy to use), and strong marketing that is targeted to developers and dapp projects.

Each new project on Hive will have an invested interest in promoting their product/service to the world, and when they do...they will be indirectly bringing new users to Hive at the same time.

culgin23 days ago

I think the masses want easy signups and easy interactions. Basically just jump in and able to get started.

For now, I think the Hive platform is still too complex for a normal non-tech savvy user. Being a blockchain platform, I think such complexities are inevitable. So there must be a strong pull such that users are willing to spend time overcoming these hurdles. Personally, I think it is difficult for such pull to come from apps or games because there are plenty of other choices out there. It ultimately still have to come from monetary benefits.

Hence, I think HIVE price will still be the main driver for users adoption for years to come.

Other than price, the only thing that I see a public blockchain can provide for a content platform is decentralization or basically censorship-resistance. Unfortunately, growth from this aspect is kind of slow as not many people really care about it.

autobodhi23 days ago

Ahh, the masses. To apeal to those lovely masses Hive will probably need ex-disney kids dancing and singing inane propaganda riddled pop songs, lots of cheap beer, something highly addictive and mindnumbing, and a heaping helping of high fructose corn syrup with some artificial flavors and colors on the side.

Maybe we should compromise and just have justin beiber give a shoutout and throw in some cat memes.

Maybe we don't want all the masses here. Just the somes would be a nice start.

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