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I don't always have time to battle with my cards, however, I would like to earn from them at the same time. I briefly remember a service that allowed you to delegate your cards to them and they would play with them instead. Does a service such as this still exist?


d-zero12 days ago

Go to https://monstermarket.io/teamshare The avialibility may vary. But the serivice for account sharing exists. There's Dicord for more questions: https://discord.gg/UFrEhhu

fw20617 days ago

As far as I know there is only one service: https://peakmonsters.com/

I used this service for a while and it works fine. The ROI is calculated on a monthly base, it’s no APR.

If you have a person you trust in your guild, he could play for you but you’ll have to give him your posting key.

P.S. I tried to upload two images for illustration but it doesn't seem to work on Quelle yet