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My Homescreen for HIVE

Recently I added all HIVE ecosystem websites to the Homescreen of my android mobile phone using the native 'Add to Homescreen' feature.

My own experience of using this feature is that the icons merely acts as a shortcut with the website opening in Chrome bowser. It happened similarly in this case for Quello, 3Speak and Dbuzz.

But when I clicked on the Peakd icon it opened up as an app in itself(instead of opening as a page in Chrome Browser)

Also I was pleasantly suprised that when clicking on splinterlands it opened in a landscape mode similar to the games from Google play store.

This is brilliant as we can use them as full fleged apps without consuming our storage space on device as normally apps from play store do.

Also its really great that Dapps like Peakd and Splinterlands have grown into such beautiful Web apps.

When can we hope to see similar progress being made for Quello and other dapps powered by HIVE blockchain?


lapingvino22 days ago

If you want to learn more about this, search for PWA or Progressive Web App. That is the technology used here. When a website is adapted enough to actually work as an app, it will show the install thing; that is, the browser decides that, not the website, and it gives you some guarantees about how well the website works as an app (as in, was there any work put in to make it work well?).

jaalig22 days ago

As an alternative, you may want to give the Hermit browser a try. It lets you treat websites like native apps. You can also add icos to the homescreen. Working 100% perfectly with all Hive Daaps I've tried thus far.

ic_lite_apps_diagonal_512.png Image source

More details available on the official website.

You can get it at the Google play store.