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When you make content consistently, sometimes you might run out of ideas to make content. Then what do you usually do to come up with new ideas to make content?


potta26 days ago

Basically just put what's on your mind into blog posts. Add some color, pictures etc.

bala4128826 days ago

This is a great question. I even wrote an article recently as to how I get topics for making new contents.

One thing that I do is that, I go to websites like Pixabay and Pixels and start browsing images over there. That gives me some ideas to write articles.

Next thing that I do is browse for some good contents. Based on my mood, I choose a niche and browse contents based on that niche. That helps me identify some good articles and when I read those articles, I get some ideas.

ale.aristeguieta26 days ago


I think the best way to always have content is to relate your blog to your work. And based on this, always document what you do at work, try to bring what you do into writing mode and your work activities to make them easy to read documents for others. So you can even teach others about the discipline you practice. It is just what I do. My discipline is trading, so my financial analysis reports and what I do daily, I document and take it to people, so they can learn and use it to their advantage.


autobodhi27 days ago

I like to keep a paper and pencil or some type of list recording device on me at all times. Write down/record every idea you have, ever. Even if it sucks. This not only provides you with a backlog of ideas and inspiration for more, but it stimulates your brain to keep producing more ideas. It's like signaling to your brain that idea making has value by acknowledging all of them, like positive reinforcement.

You could also try meditation or laying in bed in the morning and drifting in and out of sleep for a while. I also get a lot of great ideas while walking, so keep that pad handy.

culgin27 days ago

I guess it is to write on topics that you are passionate in. If you are someone who is into cooking then make videos or write recipes and share that. If you are into cryptocurrencies then write about the latest developments and such.

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