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I think I am going in circles here and would be glad if someone can help me out here but is there a way to convert my Hive Dollars into Hive Power?

When I go to Hive Dollars, it only gives me 2 options either to send it to another user or to move it to Savings account. Once in my savings, there is only one option to Withdraw which will convert it into Hive Dollars. Seems like this is a circular operation and I can't move these into Hive Power.

What am I doing wrong here?


ecoinstats20 days ago

Please take a look at my complete guide on how to use one of the best automated services on the platform, provided by @tipu.

Simply by sending your HBD to @tipu, with the memo swap, @tipu will return to you the HIVE at the market rate of conversion.

Once you have HIVE, you can activate the 'Power Up' option in your peakd.com/@username/wallet or elsewhere.

r1s2g320 days ago

Or Just use "market" (you can see in the screenshot of "tobias-g" ) , In market convert your Hive dollars to Hive instantly. Then power it up this Hive.

tobias-g20 days ago

To convert you Hive Dollars (HBD) into Hive power, you would first need to convert your HBD into Hive and then power it up. The easiest method of doing this would be to use peakd.com.

  1. Go to your profile on Peakd (once logged in) and then go down to your Hive backed dollars shown within your wallet and select the option to convert to Hive as shown here:


The conversion will take 3 days, but once completed you will be able to power up the Hive you receive.

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