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One of the great things about stack overflow is the way they distinguish between open and answered questions. Is there any plan to implement something like this on Quello?


codingdefined25 days ago

I think Quello is similar to Quora, where everyone has their say about something. Now the question can have different persepective as well as different answer, so I dont think so Accepted Answer will work well on Quello.

tobias-g25 days ago

I think in the future we'll see the ability to have a top answer as selected by the asker, however, I think the difference between Quello and stack overflow is that Quello would like to encourage opinions of others and different views where I think Stack Overflow you could argue its a bit more clear cut (despite people having different opinions on how). We wouldn't want to discourage them because a user indicated they found an answer they like, with that, said it's something being considered.

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