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Most of us have used the last few months to work on ourselves and cultivate new skills.

But my actual question is, will those skills help us survive the coming years?

Will the skills we have fertilized, help us bring in the grains?

Could you all let us know in the comment section, what according to you is the 5 skills or lessons necessary to build a life and career?

This could be beneficial to a lot of people reading this #quello post.


ghastlygames3 months ago

I would argue learning social skills is very important. Crafting your own stuff, like cooking or even making your own things like clothes or gardening. Also help, not only does it allow to save up money, it´s actually much better for the enviroment and allows you to be self-sufficient. Adquring hobbies helps with mental health as well figurign out to monetize them. I finnally figure out to turn this huge passion project of mine, which is photography into an extra source of income.

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