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hive value has been on a downward side lately and it's sad because the crypto started with a high price. so I am asking what could be causing the fall in price


marki99about 1 month ago

Hive price started around 0.2$

After Justin Sun dumped his stake, manipulating the price, we reached 0.12$ and stayed there for a while.

Then, the Huobi listing happened, and Hive pumped to 1$, and got listed on many exchanges during that time.

Finally, it corrected back to 0.23$, and now we're at 0.25$.

If the original price you see is higer than 0.25$ this just means that the exchange you are using listed HIVE after the pump.

homesteadltabout 1 month ago

Hive is just going through the price discovery phase. All assets do that. New assets in a very volatile asset class do that more violently. Current $0.2-03 price range should be a solid foundation and from now on swings should be more reasonable (both up and down). Plus Hive is almost +200% since April 6 (that's only 2 months) :) So everything depends on the timeline you choose to select.