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For many users this question and answer initiative could be super innovative, however the truth is that a Dapp like this was already made in the past (Musing), being almost a total failure because of the amount of abuses that were committed in terms of the curation and profit processes.So I would like to know how to really avoid milking? How would you prevent this app from being a flash in the pan?


mobi722 months ago

Good question.

"Cheap Copy" ... That's extreme though. You must be aware of other Question/Answer platform/s that exist on some of the blockchains.

IMHO, Musing wasn't a failed experiment/project. There were two reasons for that project to be ended.

  1. Delegation was lifted.
  2. Developer of the project was finding hard to work on the project with that much little monetary output.

I hope, this wouldn't be the case with the developer of Quello (You must know him, tobias-g), otherwise, I completely agree with you, Quello will face the same fate.

Other than that, a Question/Answer platform is well needed on HIVE Blockchain, this will not only give the users more interaction but will bring more traffic to the blockchain.

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