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LEO ecosystem evolves around some applications which offers either fresh financial information or tools to work around the cryptocurrencies:

  • Leo Finance
  • LeoDex
  • LeoPedia
  • HiveStats

Still the cryptocurrency world and the financial domain has so many application and a question comes to mind...

What other application would you add to LEO Finance suite?


forexbrokr6 days ago

Another application I'd like to see added to the LeoFinance suite would be a rebirthed LeoShop, or some type of rebranded decentralised marketplace.

If we're trying to attract premium writers and market analysts to LeoFinance, then adding the ability to get seen and then sell subscription services or courses through a decentralised marketplace such as the LeoShop, would certainly help.

Subscriptions are a really exciting prospect for me. Not only could they attract more quality authors to LeoFinance, but they would add value to the LEO token and give it an actual use case.

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