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LEO is powering up and once with the Uniswap launch it is expected to have a boost in price. Until then or even afterwards there are some other investment opportunities like LEO Miner. The question that comes to mind is...

Is it worth to invest in LEOM and how long does it take to recoup your investment?

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forexbrokr8 days ago

Yes, it's definitely worth investing in LEOM., especially if you think the price of LEO is going to continue to appreciate.

LEOM are virtual miners that receive ~15% of the LEO inflation.

Taking a look at the LEOM market on LeoDex, we can see that there's still just under 100K LEOM left on the original sell wall at 2 HIVE a piece.

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 11.45.43 pm.png

These are already starting to disappear and I can honestly see them all being snapped up by a hungry whale or two soon.

As for how long it takes to recoup your investment, it's worth checking out the math that @empoderat ran in his extra opportunity regarding the LEO ecosystem post.

He has LEOM miners yielding a ~143,1% ROI yearly, or a ~12% monthly.

Not bad, huh!

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