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There are some groups of people who formed a trail so as to earn some good reward on hive but there are some bad seed in this same community whose job is to snipe author's reward. Recently I have come t realise it is called sniping and that whatever reward the author has on the post will be shared among the curators and the author.

How do one prevent this, yes! curation reward is good but they say sniping is deadly and eats more into the author's reward. A good curator will upvote sometimes randomly and sometimes at a fixed percentage in other to protect there voting power. There are some people who are curating post for the goodness of it while some are always looking for post to swindle.

How do I go about this on the hive blockchain and what to do to prevent this group of people. I also notice they do not upvote just any post but the ones associated with contest or has a prospect of gaining more vote. There are some communities who have been helping us grow on the chain like bdcommunity and splinterlands and some great individuals too, what do I do about sniping?


lapingvinoabout 1 month ago

Post that have the prospect of gaining more votes are more attractive by design: if something gets more votes, each vote individually gets a bigger reward.

Note that the curation reward and post payout are different things that pay back in a different way. Voting and creating good content are both valid ways to participate and get rewarded.

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