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Can you earn hive here on quello and if so does it go to our hive account or do we need to claim here


codingdefined2 months ago

Since the question and answer will be posted on Hive blockchain, you will get Hive based on the Upvotes you receive and thus after 7 day payout you need to go to your wallet to claim that Hive.

funtraveller2 months ago

Your Quello posts (blog/comment) is same as the ones you have in hive.blog or peakd.com. The chance of earning hive rewards here in Quello will be based on what the curators feel about your Q/A post-comment.

Well, I do hope that Hive users will venture here in Quello and show some support to this new dapp.

tobias-g2 months ago

Quello is built on top of Hive and you can earn Hive for posting questions and answers on Quello. You may see a few differences in how we rank posts, but each vote works in the same ways as on any other Hive application and a part of the reward pool is designated to you based on the voter's stake.

Currently, there isn't any way to claim rewards on Quello, however something we'll be adding in the future. You can claim any rewards you earn on any Hive application that offers this functionality though.

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