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Думаю многие задавли себе этот вопрос, возможно кто-то смог найти на него ответ. Если Вы действительно знаете, как продлить жизнь, поделитесь ответом :)

> I think many asked this question. Maybe someone can find an answer to it. If you really know how to extend your life, share the answer :)


codingdefinedabout 1 month ago

You can, but till certain extent. Just eat healthy and do excersise daily, you will feel young always

marki99about 1 month ago

Exercising and good sleep! Also eat antioxydants and avoid huge amounts of stress.

tobetadaabout 1 month ago

simple awnser: you can't :P

but you can slow down biological and mental aging by excercising, maintaining social connections and eating good!

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