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We see a lot of advertisement about the Healthy Foods, what do you thing that is actually unhealthy but projected as healthy?


marki992 months ago

Fruits and Salads. They are healthy but often provide more calories than people expect. It confuses people since they don't lose weight.

bala412882 months ago

In my humble opinion, I feel that too much of something is also unhealthy. I would like to give an example with water. I'm not going to explain any food item but I will take water as an example. I have an office colleague. She drinks over 5 litres of water every day. Whether she needs or her body requries it doesnt matter. She has a rule written that she should drink a minimum of 5 bottles of water every single day.

I'm completely against drinking water this way. I drink water only when my body asks me for water. I will not drink water unnecessarily. I can even go for days without water. But when my body asks for water, I give it enough water even 4 liters in a single day but only when it asks me. This pattern of keeping it as a rule and drinking too much of water every day will also have negative effects or other consequences and can even end up unhealthy. There are many articles online that can give us details about harmful effects of drinking too much of water every day.

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