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Users onboarding is a big challenge for us. Our of so many cryptocurrencies we have out there, I feel that Hive is undervalued. Many people don't even know anything about Hive yet. What is the best way to bring new users to Hive and out of that what is the best way to keep them alive here? Some people start with good energy and then stop using the platform.


vxn666about 2 months ago

You need to focus on the right kind of people: the early adopter type. Find people who are apt to think in terms of potential. Forget about the average social media user type. Because Hive apps aren't nearly as polished as Facebook or Instagram and because the whole concept is novel, your efforts at onboarding new people are best focused on people that have the early adopter mindset. Don't forget to support your onboardees.

codingdefinedabout 2 months ago

I think the best way to onboardnew users is to have a good marketing strategy and thus when we do advertisement more, more and more users will come to Hive ecosystem. Now keeping them intact is not in our hand to be honest. Its upto them how they see it, if they see it overnight money making scheme, they will definatly move away. If they see it as an opportunity, they are gonna stay here for lonegr.

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