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Sometimes it is hard to explain about hive to normal people. Yesterday I was having a convesation with my cousin and I was explaining him about Hive. It was very long conversation and at the end of the conversation he just understood it as a platform that will pay if we write articles. I told him that there are many opportunities apart from content writing here but it was hard to explain or he found it hard to understand. How can we explain this in simple ways?


pyramidone21 days ago

I like to think of it as the over-engineered version of Reddit. The incentives just replace the karma with true rewards, allowing you to justify scrolling through (and upvoting) random posts all day.

anonymouser22 days ago

I suggest that you don't mention the rewards system (unless explicitly asked), as most listeners would immediately think that they will be required to write great articles just for a few dollars. Instead, try to focus on other benefits, including but not limited to immutability, where censorship is almost impossible; and freedom of speech, where nobody gets excluded and sanctioned because of race, religion, sexuality, political views etc.