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This is again another question about hive. I have seen may people using Hive only as a blogging platform. They are also very sensitive about it. Some people unfollowed me when I started posting splinterlands articles continuously. I guess some people cannot see this as a platform beyond blogging. But people make this diverse and make use of this platform for various other activities. How do you see this platform? Do you think Hive is good only for blogging purpose? What is your opinion about games on top of Hive?


pyramidone20 days ago

Not at all! In fact, Hive already has a card trading game built around the blockchain. https://splinterlands.io

jaalig20 days ago

Hive goes beyond just blogging. Here are a number of quick examples. Actifit is for fitness tracking, Hivelist works similarly to Craigslist, and Steemleo is for online shopping.. With a bit of research, you are sure to find something useful.