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As of today one account can vote for 30 witnesseses. That way few big whales have huge influence in deciding the witnesses and change the governance of the blockchain as per their private chat elsewhere e.g. discord.

I want to know - what are pros and cons of allowing one witness vote per account? Has there been any discussion about this topic and what are the objections that it is yet not implemented?

I think that will reduce the influence of big whales and the decisions taken will be much more representative of the wish of community.


vxn66622 days ago

A cynic would answer that because such a change in hardfork would be against the interests of the whales currently collectively in control of the chain. It would make their positions as consensus witnesses less secure despite massively improving network security through decentralization.

bala4128823 days ago

I'm sorry, I'm not going to answer your question because I also have similar question in my mind as well. I partially agree with this. I was also wondering if introducing a downvote button for the witnesses can also be considered as one of the options. Also, when the chain split happend, I was wondering that it would have been fair if the community was asked to vote again for the witnesses instead of copying the witness vote from the former blockchain. I personally feel that there is some kind of small centralization in that part.

But, we cannot help this so much because this is a proof of stake ecosystem and things will work only like this where people with more stake will be the decision makers. I totally agree that we need a better witness voting system and proposal system. I'm not sure introducing downvote button can solve the problem or not. But we can definitely experiment and see.