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United Kingdom

Founder of Quello.io

Over the next couple of days you'll be receiving an airdrop from both Blurt & Zapata, what are your plans for those platforms? I don't expect much liquidity surrounding either of these tokens so selling them might be out of the question, however, do you plan on using those platforms to post your content? Obviously, there are some unknowns surrounding the user experience, however, I imagine it will be a hive.blog / steemit clone to begin within. I wouldn't say their approach has filled me with excitement to give their platform a go so will likely wait until/if I can sell them for Hive (however, small that maybe).
I don't always have time to battle with my cards, however, I would like to earn from them at the same time. I briefly remember a service that allowed you to delegate your cards to them and they would play with them instead. Does a service such as this still exist?
There are loads of great apps, regular development, and valuable content by created on Hive each day, however, what do you think is missing to for Hive to become a staple in the lives of the masses?

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