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Do you know any online shops and/or services that accept cryptocurrencies? Or do you even know any offline-shops accepting cryptos? My question is not related to darknet markets or the like. :-)
Of course i know what"proposal" in natural language means. But what is it on the Hive ànd what are the consequences for the voters? Is it a standard vote? What do the creators of proposals want to achieve with it and how does it work for them? Who can submit own proposals and for what kind of issue is it for? Questions after questions... I hope someone can explain it to me and the other newbies out there. :-)
Is it even possible? Many dog owners say that dogs with a strong hunting instinct cannot be re-trained. It would be in the genetic disposition of the dog. And if you would try it too strong, you would break him. What do you think? Is it possible and if so, how could it be trained?

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