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So I have used some services which are supposed to work only one time on a computer/IP and I have always wondered how those work. I even took my laptop to a different home which has a different IP on a different wireless router and still it works great that it recognized that i have already used it. How does the technology behind this work? Do they use MAC addressses as well? I'm just fascinated by how well done it is and how it actually works!
My Macbook Air is always running low on space because I bought it like 5 years back. I want to install the latest updates on it but I am not able to because of that. Can I attach an external drive to it temporarily to get the installation done? Also, can I just use that to install additional software as well and keep software on it?
I think I am going in circles here and would be glad if someone can help me out here but is there a way to convert my Hive Dollars into Hive Power? When I go to Hive Dollars, it only gives me 2 options either to send it to another user or to move it to Savings account. Once in my savings, there is only one option to Withdraw which will convert it into Hive Dollars. Seems like this is a circular operation and I can't move these into Hive Power. What am I doing wrong here?
I know this may sound like a cliched question but does anyone have any tips to get more followers on Hive, organically? Not talking any workarounds here but looking at ways where I can maybe post to certain communities or promote my post etc. I see some people have thousands of followers. I am trying to get there but not sure how to. Please advise.
I have some ideas around things I want to build which would be in the same format as Hive or Steemit. I am a web developer by profession so I wanted to find out if there is something I can build on top of/leveraging the Hive blockchain and how I can do it.
So I just withdrew from my Savings account and although there seems to be some sort of a waiting period, that $4.50 something that I withdrew from my Savings just disappeared! I would have liked to see some sort of a Pending transaction in my history but there is nothing. I might get it back somewhere in about 3 days but now I don't know for sure. Anyone knows what's going on here?
When is a question considered answered? When can a question be closed? Who gets to close the question and when? I have posted a question which I believe I got an answer for but it is still an open question. So this part is a little confusing to me. Maybe Quello should let the original poster close the question when they deem it appropriate to close. Thoughts?
In my wallet, it doesn't exactly show what the APR is on my Hive Savings Account. Not sure what the benefit is for keeping my Hive and HBD there.
So since i'm still new to Hive, I have a few questions that I wanted to ask the community here. Any answers or clarifications would really help me. The first question I had was relating to this post. It seems like I had earned $0.23 on that post which at the time of writing is about $0.31. So technically I should be receiving a total of about 0.74 Hive tokens but in the breakdown below I see that the breakdown is 0.11 HBD and 0.36 HP. Are HBD and HP equal to 1 Hive? Is any part of my earning going towards the Hive blockchain or do I keep 100% of the $0.23 that I keep? Also the second thing is, with respect to my wallet balance. So the only thing I understand is that my rewards will be split 50% between 2 tokens HBD and HP as I have chosen below. I can see HBD's value on CoinGecko but I can't find the value of HP anywhere. So i'm not sure how this is working. If I use 100% of my earnings to power up, do I only earn only HP? Will that also increase my earning potential in the future? Also, only when some people vote on my post, I see a dollar amount associated but not others. Why is that so? What determines this and who vote gives me $ and whose doesn't? Any clarification on this would be appreciated.

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