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5 Year Expat in China | No-BS Spirituality

1 - They literally didn't give a shit about what I did. 10 - I might as well live in a maximum security prison. My parent's were about a 6-7. My mom would nag me a lot growing up. My father was more liberal. Success in school was important to them, especially my mom. I finally ended up doing well in school late into high school. How about you? Did you parents allow you to have relationships with the opposite sex? Curfews? Religious?
Our teachers in Canada never mentioned any good aspects of the Soviet Union. Although I am not a communist/socialist, it is interesting that our schools never taught us the positives of the Soviet Union. Basically we mostly learned about WW2, Cold War, gulags and Joseph Stalin killing millions of people. We didn't learn about the everyday life of many Russians and how a lot of them lived normal lives. It was made out to be the awful dystopian place. Do you think this was due to ignorance of the teachers and school system or were they purposely omitting positive aspects of the Soviet Union? How about you?
For me, Immigration Consulting. I am currently studying immigration consulting in Canada in order to eventually become certified. Before I started, I thought the material might be a little dry as I am reading a lot of immigration legislation and regulations but I was surprised at just how much I enjoy it. You basically have to analyze case studies of people and determine whether they would be admissible to Canada and how much they would score under the selection criteria. Sounds boring but the legislation is easy to follow and is separated into logical sections. You can then step-by-step build the case for your client and establish the necessary criteria for them to enter Canada. It's kind of like putting together a puzzle and then feeling satisfied at the end when you've finally completed it. All of your conclusions end up logically founded. What about you guys?
As a Canadian, I'd have to say Northwest Passage by Stan Rogers. It's about the early explorers that were looking for a way acros Canada to reach the Pacific Ocean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVY8LoM47xI How about you? What song do you listen to in order to feel proud of your country?
Remember back in the 90s when you could memorize every one of your friends' and family's phone numbers? Not anymore, right?! Nowdays, I only have around 5 phone numbers memorized (2 of which are my own lol) Me (Canada and China numbers) Brother Father One childhood friend Pizza Pizza How about you?!
For me, probably around 28 years old. You're young, healthy and much wiser than when you were in your early 20s. You have ambition to create something in the world but aren't totally naive like a teenager.
For me: tummy vaccuums. When I contract and and release the muscles around my stomach for reps, it massively improves my digestion. I used to have digestion problems that would often cause lots of bloating and gas several years ago. I tried so many different diets and could never figure out. I thought it was food allergies or something. It turned out to mostly be a weak abdominal wall. Once I started exercising my core by doing tummy vaccuums repeatedly, my digestion improved 100x and I never had those problems anymore. All those years of sitting for long hours and skipping core training when I would go to the gym eventually made the muscles weak. Since then, I don't get bloated easily. What about you?
Today marks the end of my Steem powerdown. I started off with around ~20k SP. I only have 183 SP left in my account and that is the Steem I accumulated during the powerdown. I initiated another powerdown to make them liquid but I will probably keep it all in my account until it's completely done.
Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson Hurt - Johnny Cash Imagine - A Perfect Circle??? (I might get roasted for thinking this!)
i.e. That their problems and issues in life aren't important. Telling them that doesn't solve anything nor improve their life. What else?

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