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This is again another question about hive. I have seen may people using Hive only as a blogging platform. They are also very sensitive about it. Some people unfollowed me when I started posting splinterlands articles continuously. I guess some people cannot see this as a platform beyond blogging. But people make this diverse and make use of this platform for various other activities. How do you see this platform? Do you think Hive is good only for blogging purpose? What is your opinion about games on top of Hive?
Most of my questions are around Hive onboarding. The reason is because I have been speaking to many friends recently about Hive. I'm trying to onboard my cousins and my college friends into Hive. One difficult part is explaining them about Hive. It is not very easy to explain them what Hive is all about and how they can contribute here. While doing this activity, I was wondering why I'm so involved in onboarding my friends as if someone is going to pay me for onboarding people. But then I thought it is always good to bring more exposure and new investors into the platform. Why do you think Hive needs new investors?
It sometimes become difficult to explain about hive to someone. It can be hard for common people to understand about hive, blockchain and this ecosystem. What would be the first thing that you would tell someone if you are explaining about Hive?
Sometimes it is hard to explain about hive to normal people. Yesterday I was having a convesation with my cousin and I was explaining him about Hive. It was very long conversation and at the end of the conversation he just understood it as a platform that will pay if we write articles. I told him that there are many opportunities apart from content writing here but it was hard to explain or he found it hard to understand. How can we explain this in simple ways?
Users onboarding is a big challenge for us. Our of so many cryptocurrencies we have out there, I feel that Hive is undervalued. Many people don't even know anything about Hive yet. What is the best way to bring new users to Hive and out of that what is the best way to keep them alive here? Some people start with good energy and then stop using the platform.
In the current COVID situation virtual learning or online learning is gaining more popularity. School kids and college students have started using online as their medium of education where their teachers do a video class room session or post videos on Youtube for them to watch and learn. This is gaining more popularity everywhere. I know this is common already in many countries. But do you think the future would become this way and people will get more inclined towards online learning instead of physical learning medium? Share your thoughts on this.
Anger is a very common thing for every human being. It can sometimes be dangerous and sometimes cause bad effects. It can be an outcome of a bad mood or stress. But we have to let out the anger somehow to have a peaceful mind. Some people get rid of it with the help of a good sleep and some people show it to someone who is very close. What is your best move. What do you do when you are angry?
Our mankind has achieved so many things in the past few decades and especially after computers were invented. We have been having some breakthrough continuously on one field or the other. What do you think is the most fascinating achivement that mankind has made with the help of technology?
Money is always a fascinating thing and most of the times it makes us run behind it again and again. One good thing about money is that it adds sophistication to our life but at the same time too much can also be a trouble. Many people might have a dream to get a financial independence and chase their dreams. How much money do you think you will need to attain financial independence?
Everytime when there is a new annoucement or a good now, we all see that the price of Bitcoin increases. There is a high possibility that Bitcoin can pump to its peak value again. But do you think this time it will set a new record high value? If yes, what is the highest price that Bitcoin can reach?

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