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So the pool is up and running. Who has used it so far and how are you finding it? I want to but I don't have any eth at the moment. For now I will keep stacking until I reach my goal and then figure out my plan from there. I want at least 25k but 30-40 would be better. Who is using the pool?
I think this is stil la thing on hive but not Leo. I'm pretty sure but I want to make sure so I don't miss out on any sweet Leo as I curate. Does the 5 minute mark matter on Leo?
Now that we are getting more popular I'm seeing more posts pop up that are not related to finance or crypto. I do think we need to stay strong on our finance niche nad make sure the site is used for that. But how do you feel about a sub other section for any posts? Does it take away from Leo or bring in more users? I'm leaning towards no myself but I don't want to limit our userbase and if it can be done while still keeping Leo a fiannce site we might want to consider it. Maybe getting a partner that we can yield farm for that has other could work too...
LEO ecosystem is a great one and is coumpound of multiple applications having at the core of all the LEO Finance blogging. Still lately based on the wLEO launch a questions comes to mind... Has the curation dropped on LEO Finance with people preparing for wLEO launch? Posted Using LeoFinance
Back in March the market took quiet a hit and we headed to the 22k level. Then a bounce happened and we were back to 28k. But after today that might not last too long. So my question: Is this the start of another tumble back down to the low 20ks or just a day or two of nerves as we have back up? Just a fun guessing game, not financial advice.
I've earned some LeoFinance LEO tokens which have gone up in value. I would like to trade them for BTC or even convert them into Fiat. How can I do this?
I see that LeoFinance LEO tokens can be earned on LeoFinance. How do I get a LeoFinance account?
Researching and doing due diligence on LeoFinance LEO tokens leads inevitably to LeoFinance. What is LeoFinance?
There are many people in the crypto space - both experienced and non - who will become interested in the buzz around LeoFinance LEO tokens and will most likely be coming across them for the first time. What are the options - eg swap, mine, buy - for acquiring LeoFinance LEO tokens?
Some of us got used to the old LEO Finance interface, while others embraced the new Beta interface. The new UI has some great features, but might still be under development for some others. Usability primes, so one question comes to mind... Are you still using the old LEO Finance interface or moved to the Beta interface? Posted Using LeoFinance

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