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Is there a way to see more detailed vote details same as under HiveStats but more detailed , so you can see set all votes per Value, Weight or Voted After (time). Steem has that on SteemWorld for long time, but HiveStats is lacking in this area. Thank you.
(Note: Not an expert in blockchain, cryptocurrency, Hive) Does HIVE increase value when new users join the blockchain, if the users buy HIVE tokens, or is there other reasons?
Pundits claim Thorium reactors are safer and more cost effiecient in the production of energy. Are these arguments valid or are such reactors likely to face the same types of obsticles facing fusion reactors?
hey everyone, I've searched this topic on the internet for a while and I found that Atomic wallet supports Cardano (ADA) staking. However, I have downloaded it and it is not listed there yet. I appreciate if you can help me with this. Plus, I prefer to go with the official wallet which is Yoroi. But, I'm getting an error when I open a testnetb wallet. Thanks in advance,
I'm not complaining about the 13 weeks thing. But, I've staked some Beer Token and I want to unstake it. It seems that this process takes 13 weeks as well. It is too long for unstaking process. Don't you think?
Have you ever been banned/disallowed to use a programming language, IDE/SDK/interpreter, how did you manage to do your work without it?
Of course i know what"proposal" in natural language means. But what is it on the Hive ànd what are the consequences for the voters? Is it a standard vote? What do the creators of proposals want to achieve with it and how does it work for them? Who can submit own proposals and for what kind of issue is it for? Questions after questions... I hope someone can explain it to me and the other newbies out there. :-)
All I know is that you've to select the cheapest exchange available. But, I want to know your opinion. What is the best crypto exchange in your opinion and why?
JavaScript has been a standard for years as a "Browser Script", but could it be possible that the browser industry might support any future version of python as a front-end scripting language, maybe as a Python Lite version for browsers?

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