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Many people talk about how everyone should learn to 'code'. But there is also simpler things that not everyone understands that are arguably more important in everyday life, like: * Malware * Processes and Programs * Common Shortcuts and Touch Typing So, in yout opinion what should the average person be learning to do with their computer.
If you are going to delegate your hive where should you do it? I know Leo pays well and you can always use dlease to find a good return.
Hello everyone... it was in my mind since a lot time that how to get noticed on hive plateform.. what are the specific Do's and Dont's that should be followed to get more attention of hive users to be
Are you using self voting on HIVE and is there any reason not to?
Sometimes i have noticed it that same power upvote does not return same value of curation rewards hence i would like to know how it can be increase? Is there some tricks to earn more curation rewards? Thanks @face2face #staysafe
How do you guys feel about adding ad revenue to hive? That can be money used to buy and burn hive and get more off the market.
I had a thought in the shower today about a blockchain based Stackoverflow. A few hours later I discovered Quello. I think that by using tags, this could work! Granted, programming is a little wide to be all under one topic, but I think by using tags, and possibly setting out some ground rules like 1. First tag should be the language 1. Following tags should be relevant libraries Code seems to work here ` { "key":"value" } ` Why this is a great idea The motivation of people answering questions is, in part, earning badges and coins which, for al lintents and purposes, have little real world consequence (except, perhaps, landing a job). Crypto can offer the same incentives (Not sure if Quello will get into badges) and more with tokens!! Seems like a pefect fit, but Quello would need to grow and adapt for this to really take off. What do you think? Could it work?
If anybody feel extra mental pressure due to hearing any bad news or watching any unexpected situations, what should he do to get an instant release? Is there any natural process rather than taking medicine or doing meditation?
I have been trying to learn react js on my own during this pandemic. I have found best resources to learn React for free but most of them lack the hooks part. If you know any resources that also teach react hooks concepts, I would love to know about them. I am looking for free options at the moment.
I've been learning English a while ago so it's important for me to know which is the most difficult language.

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