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Should Quello add a coin that you can earn in addition to HIve?


douglasjames12 days ago

I think you could have a reward system (like Stackoverflow but different) so yes, you could use such a coin for this.

Maybe something that a user recieves if their answers / questions recieve upvotes, or an answer accepting mechanism that dishes out coin. Users can spend these for special providleges like getting more eyes to their question.

Badges are another idea, on or off chain!

vimukthi18 days ago

Maybe we can try something in the future. Currently I don't see much use. If we wait for SMTs, it would be better IMHO. There are only a very few projects like @leofinance that has done well with HIVE-Engine. First grow the project as is and by the time we get SMTs (which could take another year) we can look for a seperate crypto. No need to over comeplicate things from the begining.

imfarhad19 days ago

It depends on what value it brings.

Just introducing a coin without a use case, will not benefit quello nor its users

It will be just one more coin.

mobi7220 days ago

I agree with russia-btc, this would be an additional incentive for the users, but that would be only if it has some real value, at least in pennys.

russia-btc20 days ago

Yes - that would be an additional incentive - but I would reward the answers with this coin.

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