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If you haven't heard the beta is out for the new Leo Finance interface

Check it out here: https://beta.leofinance.io/

The site looks much more professional and seems to be changing by the day. It fits more articles on the page and does so in a much cleaner fashion than the previous version. I like the topics on the top of the page that help users find posts. So far it looks much better than the older version.

What do you think? And what would you like added?


forexbrokr16 days ago

I feel extremely positive about the new LeoFinance interface!

The only reason any of the bloggers use the current LeoFinance interface is out of respect to the community. Even a highly limited beta version of the new LeoFinance interface is a huge improvement on what we had.

What I'd like to see added in the short term is further categorisation of sub-topics within the overall finance niche. For example as a forex trader, I'd love to see the forex topic look as clean as the home page.

In the long term, I want to see the ability for LeoFinance members to offer subscriptions, or the ability to sell their products/services in LEO through the platform. This would add another facet to the LEO token economy and provide real incentive to earn, buy and spend the token to both sides.

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