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Who is going to try the leo defi product? You will need to lock up your leo and eth in order to get a good drop of leo coins. It could be worth it but I don't want to unstake. If I can hit my goal I put in extra leo into the project.

How about you?


forexbrokr18 days ago

As primarily a content creator/curator, I don't want to unstake my entire LEO account. I'm thinking that as a lot of the large accounts unstake and move into wLEO, there will be opportunity for those that remained staked to have a greater influence over the rewards pool.

I am however, going to get involved in @spinvest-leo's WLEO option for smaller investors. This pooled approach allows smaller LEO investors or those who don't want to completely unstake, to still gain exposure to wLEO by streamlining the process and sharing GAS fees.

atma.love18 days ago

Yes, that is my intention. I am powering down LEO in preparation.

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