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If you are using whatsapp then I am sure that you must be having any social media messaging app on your phone. It could be whatsapp most probably and even telegram or may me something else.

Whatsapp is way more popular and Telegram is growing as well. Do you think that telegram will beat whastapp in future in terms of active users ?


face2face5 days ago

I think its name is not good because lots of person treats it as the older Telegram system.

quantumg7 days ago

I believe that the large crowds can be easily controlled by artificially created trends. Advertising departments of large companies such as Facebook as owners of WhatsApp can invest very large sums in such trend creations. They always show the potential new users that they have to join the trend in order not to stay behind. This works even if there is no real trend yet. Media is power. If you have the money, you do have the media, you do have the power, you do have the users.

mrsahil997 days ago

WHATSAPP has such a large market share, it will be practically impossible for telegram to come even close.

Also, whatsapp is owned by Facebook, if they sense a threat coming, theyl invest billions in R&D, in order to make it better.

Whatsapp has become the norm, it was started as an alternative to SMS, and it sticks to that. Its simple convinient and easy to use.

while telegram complicated itself by introducing channels and other features.

It's though as if its competing with both Instagram and Whatsapp. Which is a grave mistake.

alokkumar1217 days ago

Whats UI is better than telegram and I think this is the reason why its more popular.

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