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Hi Hivers,

These days LEO team seem to be doing great and project is growing. LEO token also has quite good price in Hive Engine and worth holding it. I want to know if there is option to get LEO tokens through delegation reward. Please help to share details about it.

Thank you so much.


forexbrokr11 days ago

You can earn LEO tokens through a Hive Power delegation to the @leo.voter account.

By delegating your HP to this account, you'll receive daily payouts in the form of LEO tokens at a rate of ~16% APR. As LEO payouts are pro-rated, there is no minimum delegation required.

Why Delegate HP to @leo.voter?

There are two main reasons why you'd choose to delegate your HP to the @leo.voter account.

First of all, HP delegations allows you to earn a passive income. If you're not an active blogger or curator but want to maximise your investment, then the ~16% APR is highly competitive.

Below is an example of the results you may expect from your delegation.

Top 10 weekly LEO earners from HP delegations

Secondly, the @leo.voter account gives upvotes to authors who use the LeoFinance platform. By supporting the account, you're encouraging better quality authors to join and remain active within the community.

tbnfl4sun11 days ago

I have been deligating hive to @leo.voter for leo tokens, I hope that helps!

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