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Have you ever been banned/disallowed to use a programming language, IDE/SDK/interpreter, how did you manage to do your work without it?


scorer24 days ago

Sound a little bit silly. Its like - can you drink water without water?

I guess, there is something else about this being disallowed thing. And the question should be about that cause instead.

quantumg27 days ago

I once had a stressful time in a project with a very tight deadline. The company I was working for used SVN for collaboration. But at some point the boss came up with the "brilliant idea" of switching to GIT, even though we were in the middle of this very stressful project. But the boss wanted us to switch to GIT immediately. I actually didn't have time to deal with GIT. So I looked for a quick and temporary but simple solution for myself. And I quickly found a plugin that automatically commited and pushed my SVN commits to GIT. It was very easy to configure and it took me a lot less time to make friends with GIT. Nobody found out that I was still using the SVN server. Someone forgot to shut down this server. So I used it in this way until the project was finished.

Nowadays I can no longer imagine using SVN. It was almost 20 years ago. But nowadays I would also ask my boss why he wants to keep me from working, in a situation like that at the time.

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