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It is well-known that mainstream platforms with billions or hundreds of millions of users monthly active users can potentially pay extremely well for publishing photos. That only applies to those whose skills are at a very high level. Platforms like YouTube allow any videos to be monetized through ads when a certain conditions are met: 1) the channel has at least 1000 subscribers and 2) videos published on it have been watched for a total of at least 4000 hours.

Considering that 4000 hours is almost six months non-stop, that threshold is quite high. In contrast, on Hive anyone can start earning right away as long as their content is able to garner upvotes.

I don't know how monetization through ads works on Instagram but anyone with a large enough audience will be able to monetize their account through sponsorship deals. Again, any such author is likely to be much more skilled than the average amateur.

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