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Knowing your place in a hiearchy or community it can be motivating. As I am well involved in the Leo Finance community and I want to thrive there I feel that knowing the community members and their influence is imperative for my growth. Thus there is a question that comes to mind...

Is there anywhere I can see an account rating on Leo Finance?

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forexbrokr18 days ago

In a delegated proof of stake (DPoS) such as LeoFinance, someones influence within the community relies on how many LEO tokens they have staked.

To see a list of who has the most LEO tokens staked, you can head to the LeoDex. Click the tokens tab, find LEO and then click the LEO richlist button to see all holders ranked by stake.

If you're contributing to the LeoFinance community in a positive way, then you're going to get notied. A lot of the larger accounts within the LEO richlist like to curate quality finance related content that has been posted from the leofinance.io interface.

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