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As things are rushing with the wLEO launch, big accounts which previously staked LEO now are unstaking it in order to participate to the Liquidity Pools. A question comes to mind in this situation...

How long does it take to unstake LEO tokens?

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forexbrokr12 days ago

It takes 4 weeks to unstake LEO tokens. You will receive equal weekly payouts over that time.

Staking means that you've temporarily locked up your LEO tokens, giving you more unfluence over the rewards pool on LeoFinance.

Unstake via LeoFinance: To unstake LEO tokens via the LeoFinance interface, click on your wallet page, scroll down to your LEO power balance then then click unstake from the dropdown.

Unstaking via the LeoFinance wallet

Unstake via LeoDex: LEO tokens can also be unstaked via LeoDex by clicking your wallet, followed by the unstake token button next to your LEO balance.

Unstaking via the LeoDex wallet

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