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Many legacy media outlets are in a state of contraction and the social media giants are under threat of regulation or breakup. Some are facing mounting lawsuits due questionable business practices. A number of pundits have begun to speculate that in the very near future these companies will be forced from their positions of influence. Should this come to pass, how can Hive and consequently Dapps, prepare for opportunities that will open up as the incumbents begin to exit media landscape?


imfarhad11 days ago

It is very unlikely that Social giants will completely fall, they may lose some of the influence. It will continue to have its hold, as long as people use it.

Hive needs a voice and streamless usability, for it to influence more people to join and thrive. The visionary people on HIve should think on those lines. You can built thousands of apps, but if the main eco system is not easy to access and use, apps are of less effective.

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