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I had a thought in the shower today about a blockchain based Stackoverflow. A few hours later I discovered Quello.

I think that by using tags, this could work! Granted, programming is a little wide to be all under one topic, but I think by using tags, and possibly setting out some ground rules like

  1. First tag should be the language
  2. Following tags should be relevant libraries

Code seems to work here


Why this is a great idea

The motivation of people answering questions is, in part, earning badges and coins which, for al lintents and purposes, have little real world consequence (except, perhaps, landing a job).

Crypto can offer the same incentives (Not sure if Quello will get into badges) and more with tokens!!

Seems like a pefect fit, but Quello would need to grow and adapt for this to really take off. What do you think? Could it work?


vimukthiabout 2 months ago

@quello is much closer to Quora. It is better to keep things seperate wen it comes to a Quora like product vs Stackoverflow. It would be great if @quello team could develop a version of Stackoverflow on HIVE.

slashformotionabout 2 months ago


because it is basically the same thing, the same concept and I think there is a lot of devs on Hive.

BUT ...No

Quello lack some functionality like snippets snippets Quello take 5% of the rewards of your post

imfarhadabout 2 months ago

I don't think it can be compared to Stackoverflow. quello is still very young and people are not eager to answer the questions. I have seen so many questions, without any answers and have crossed the payday. To answer programming related questions the person may have to work on the problem to provide answers. To compete with Stackoverflow, quello will have to change the way to create questions.

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