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I have been trying (and failing) to buy Hive for quite some time. I tried to use my credit cards to do this, but they failed because they were visa and mastercard. I looked online and found I could use an Amex, so I got one for the purpose.

Now, all the places I would buy BTC to convert to hive don't work!!!

I REALLY don't want to get gyped on Paxful to do this, it's too much of a loss.

Where can I buy some Hive!!?! Or just BTC to convert to Hive.


douglasjames21 days ago

I was able to buy hive! Turns out my biggest problem was trying to use my credit card not my debit card. Now I got the hive!!

P.S. it turns out not many places allow you to buy any crypto with Amex, probably because of fees I couldn't find a place!!

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