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WISE is a PoS (Proof of Stake) cryptocurrency that works on the concept of staking. In short, it rewards investors with interest for staking (locking up) their funds in the WISE contract for a certain period of time.

WISE staking is flexible, low-risk and gives better returns than most traditional investment options.

How to Earn Shares and Interest with WISE Staking You can start earning interest from WISE by opening a stake by sending ETH to the contract. Learn here how!

WISE Stake & Shares When a stake is created, the WISE principal amount is burned and an actual amount of shares are released. These shares represent details of the stake size, length and when it was opened.

Depending on a stake length, value and the global share price, the amount of shares to be assigned to the stake is determined. The stake also gets bonus shares based on its length. The share price in WISE staking only increases with time, so the early you stake the more you can earn.

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