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Galactic Core, Milkyway

We are the spirit, body and consciousness of all stars in the Milky Way galaxy

What is the best strategy to get going fast in dCity?? It seems very slow at firse, even investing ~15 Hive on people and cards I just started playing dCity two days ago. I started by buying two cards. I had to buy some people too to fill the businesses. It seems like the return is very slow. I am only making 6 per day. How can I increase my population (and my income) quickly and economically?
I had a thought in the shower today about a blockchain based Stackoverflow. A few hours later I discovered Quello. I think that by using tags, this could work! Granted, programming is a little wide to be all under one topic, but I think by using tags, and possibly setting out some ground rules like 1. First tag should be the language 1. Following tags should be relevant libraries Code seems to work here ` { "key":"value" } ` Why this is a great idea The motivation of people answering questions is, in part, earning badges and coins which, for al lintents and purposes, have little real world consequence (except, perhaps, landing a job). Crypto can offer the same incentives (Not sure if Quello will get into badges) and more with tokens!! Seems like a pefect fit, but Quello would need to grow and adapt for this to really take off. What do you think? Could it work?

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