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Actifit Moderator. Photographer. Dtuber. Tech lover. Cypto trader.

Everyone likes to earn returns on their income prefer taking and I also want to there best option these days to look for investment option. I know that crypto is one of it but there are many more than this. Its alwyas good to have more information about such things. Please share if you know any..
Most of the countries are testing 5g technology these days for super fast internet and they are claiming that once 5g is launched then one movie can be donwloaded in few seconds only. This sounds amazing but as of now we are dependent upon optical fibre for high speed internet. Do you think 5G will remove the need of fiber wifi at home ?
ESTM is token by eSteem app which is recenetly renamed Escency. We can mine these tokens for free through posting, comment, upvote, reblog and refferral. I want to know howmany tokens maximum can be mined in day? is there any capping..
POSH = Proof Of SHaring the hive content on alternate social media platform has gained pretty attention and now for this @acidyo is going to lauch POSH token soon and it should be on HIve-Engine. More details about this project is yet to come but its looks exciting to me because I already share my content on twitter. What you think about POSH and whats your thoughts about it?
Its important to take care of health in raining season because level of infection increases due to weather. I increase my intake of water and green vegetables for better health and I also take lightl dinner. This is my way of keeping myself healthy and fit in rainy season.. What about yours? is it same as always or any difference.
Quello is a blokchain based Quesntion answer platform but its way better than Quora. There are various reasons that makes Quello way better platform but I think they should also add tip option on their platform which gives an additional option to reward the users who either ask question or answer it. What you think about it? Do you find it useful?
other than content creation, there are two ways to earn hive token on hive. one is through curation and another is delegation to some whale Account.. which one do you prefer?

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